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Acequia Leaders Call for Respect, Cooperation in Year of Drought

Updated: Sep 18, 2018

The Taos News - Article by Cody Hooks, March 8, 2018

Sam DesGeorges irrigates his land from an acequia that's fed by the Rio Fernando in Taos Canyon. Most days, he gets online to check the latest measurement of the snowpack in the mountains. But anymore, those numbers are telling a bleak story.

"It's going to be a tough season ahead," he said. "It's no good. Sorry about that." Continue reading for more about how the acequia community is addressing drought.,46683

Acequia commissioners and mayordomos look over guidelines for new board members shortly before elections at the annual Taos Valley Acequia Association meeting Saturday (March 3) at the Juan I. Gonzales Agricultural Center in Taos. - photo by Katharine Egli, Taos News Article

"What did our ancestors do in these times?" asked Paula Garcia, president of the New Mexico Acequia Association, a Mora County commissioner and a candidate for a state house seat. "They figured out how to share water."


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