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Rio Fernando Park: Nature for Wellness - The Taos News

Updated: Sep 18, 2018

News Article on Rio Fernando Park "Walk in the Park" from April 26, 2018 - by Cindy Brown

Although the Rio Fernando Park sits close to the center of town, the place has a certain welcome wildness. The Río Fernando flows slowly through it, creating wetlands surrounded by land that was once used for farming and ranching. A red-winged blackbird calls from the cattails and otherwise all is quiet. - Continue reading to learn more about this new park, "Nature for Wellness Day", and the parks history and future.,47678

Nature for Wellness Day helps reconnect people to outdoor spaces and promote health living.

"The idea behind Parks Rx is that we may need extra support and motivation to get outside and walk. If your healthcare provider writes a prescription for an exercise plan that can help provide that extra motivation. There are so many studies that are showing the benefits of time spent in nature. We were inspired by this initiative and wanted to bring something to Taos," says Maya Anthony, programs and outreach coordinator, Taos Land Trust


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