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Rio Fernando Collaborative hosted Panel on Drought & Fire in Taos Canyon

Updated: Sep 18, 2018

Experts Spoke at Bataan Hall on May 24, 2018

The Rio Fernando de Taos Revitalization Collaborative hosted a free evening with Dr. Craig Allen and a panel of local experts to explore how we can all prepare for wildfire in a hotter, drier future including impacts to our water quality and neighborhoods. What does the future hold? What does the evolving face of fire mean to me? How can I prepare?

Free photo Pixabay

Fire has always been a part of our local landscape but increasing temperatures are creating greater risks. It is important to be informed and prepared.

Other speakers featured during the evening were:

Erica Enjady, Forestry & Fuels Program Manager, US Forest Service

Nathan Sanchez, Chief Planner, Taos County

Chris Coté, Wildland/Urban Interface Coordinator, Taos County

For more about this past event - contact Chyna Dixon at


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