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(VIDEO) TLT and TVAA Healthy Soils Initiative

Taos Land Trust (TLT) and Taos Valley Acequia Association (TVAA) received a Healthy Soils grant from NMDA to offer training, education, outreach, and support to acequia parciante landowners in the Rio Fernando de Taos watershed to implement Healthy Soil practices on their land. Judy Torres, Executive Director of TVAA, Maya Anthony, Outreach & Stewardship Coordinator at TLT, and Ben Wright, Education & Land Manager at TLT worked with a pilot cohort of landowners in this watershed to conduct soil testing, analysis, and gather recommendations to improve soil health through the 5 Principles of Healthy Soil. Due to Covid-19, our plans to host a panel discussion with the community had to take another form but luckily we ended up with a short film documenting the process produced by Taos Sound & Media (

Stay tuned for a panel discussion on this project coming up in early April 2021!


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